Farms & factory consulting

Our key to success is our team. Our experts are experienced in animal welfare, compound feed manufacturing and nutrition, and always seek to ensure growth and profit for our partners worldwide.

Using our knowledge from our own farms, factories and retail network, we’ve undertaken hundreds of audits, garnering positive feedback from compound feed factories, nutritionists and farmers on the back of the valuable insights our highly trained team have made.

The ForFarmsToGrow team focuses on the business mindset to optimize and increase profitability for farms, manufacturers and distributors. We are constantly developing to suit contemporary farming needs: livestock performance, new feeding technologies, adaptability to fast changing material prices and feed trends to help our partners grow.

The ForFarmsToGrow team reviews feed compositions on their farms every month, and we do the same for our customers. While at the client’s site, we review their input data and used/available compositions, discuss and identify the most cost-effective solutions as per the client’s market, raw materials and infrastructure.

We constantly inspect, audit and supervise our own farms, and we do the same on those of our partner

Customers often turn to us to expand their business (increasing production capacity or building a new factory), so we pass on our experience to our existing partners.