The feed is made from selected high quality feed raw materials and feed additives. Amino acids in the diet are balanced in relation to the physiological needs of broilers. The optimum metabolic energy and amino acid ratio is chosen for better assimilation of amino acids. They are balanced according to the ideal protein concept. Amino acid levels in feed must be considered together with all other nutrients, including energy levels.


AE energy 3.000 kcal/kg; Crude protein 23.00 %; Crude fat 5.9 %; Crude fibre 2.6 %; Calcium 1 %; Phosphorus 0.73 %; Sodium 0.16 %; Lysine 1.40 %; Methionine 0.65 %; Threonine 0.93 %; Enzymes ; Phytase ; Anti-oxidant